Population:7, Twist Helix, Cinema, Chip Langley

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UNCOVER, in association with Slap Mag + Mytacism Music are super excited to welcome headliners Population:7 a 9 Piece, Alternative UK Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul From the West-Midlands.

Welcoming back Newcastle's Twist Helix as part of their UK 'Below Byker' tour, following their appearance with Uncover at Worcester Music Festival 2017.
Electronic alt-pop band from Newcastle/Alicante (Spain) "Dramatic verses... massive choruses... euphoric sound" – Born Music, UK

Birmingham's Cinema, a 3 piece electronic alt pop band hailing from Birmingham. The band plays guitars, drums, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, bass synth, samplers and live percussion with band members switching duties throughout shows.

Worcester's Chip Langley will open with his unique style of blues and soul following the release of recently released EP 'Line 'Em Up'.